I have the moving-away-from-this-wonderful-place blues

I’ve reached the threshold where everything makes me want to cry. I’m far enough moved out that I can’t even remotely deny that my time here is done, but I won’t actually be living somewhere else until the middle of August. Everything feels gross and paralyzing but I have to keep packing shit into boxes and I should probably eat a food but my belly is too full of sad.



I am here to remind all that Oberyn Martell, whilst being a sexy mo fo and loving paramour, also was smart as hell, forging SIX maester chains before he got FUCKING BORED and went on to form his own mercenary company.

During this time he fathered a half dozen bastards, but instead of abandoning them, he took responsibility and raised them to defend themselves and allowed them all an independence most fathers in Westeros would never allow their children, let alone daughters.

He was incredibly close to his sister and after her death attempted to raise the entire country of Dorne up around Viserys to overthrow Robert. Unable to do this, he never gave up the hope he’d one day avenge the atrocities committed against his sister and her children.

In short, too much heart was always Oberyn’s problem.


Daily Post #147: July 3rd, 2014





Did you know? Certain smells can trigger headaches or nausea for some POTS patients.

I didn’t know this. This is very interesting. I thought that was possible.

Isn’t this true for everyone though? Or are you talking about specific smells?

I think it really depends on the patient. For me, it’s just a few smells, like vanilla and cinnamon. For others, it can be everything that’s strong or sweet. It depends, really!

Good to know! About six months before I was diagnosed, I suddenly became extremely averse to red onions—just smelling them makes me ill.



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